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1 Acre Residential Lots In Developing Area for Sale

1,200 USD
Los Lunas, NM 87002 (Valencia County)
15 view
Land ID: 88253 Update time: 2021-12-24 13:59:45
Trading years: permanent Size: 1ac
Transaction type: for sell

Words from Seller

General Location: Rio Grande Estates is a sprawling subdivision consisting of thousands of half and one acre parcels which stretches from the I-25 corridor in the west to the Manzano Mountains in the east and as far south as the Socorro County line. It makes up not only the largest subdivision in Valenica County but also the largest swath of undeveloped land in this rapidly growing region.

Legal Access/Road Access: While all properties in Rio Grande Estates have legal access, some roads are easier to navigate than others. Due to the area it encompases, it's difficult to give a one-size-fits-all answer to the quality and condition of the roads here. That said, whichever part of the subdivision you're looking to purchase land in, all buyers are encouraged to take a larger truck or off-road capable vehicle when visiting the property.

Zoning: Rio Grande Estates is zoned Rural Residential 1. To read more of the Valencia County zoning ordinance that addressess this designation, we encourage you to follow this link or watch the video at the top of this page for a discussion of the topic beginning at 23:37 and again at 25:55.

Building/Camping/RVs: As this area is designed with residential development in mind, single family homes are acceptable here as well as mobile and modular homes. RVs are only acceptable here for thirty days at a time or up to twelve months with a building permit. Shipping container homes would likely be acceptable if erected per state building code guidelines while tiny homes, yurts and earthship homes would likely be deemed unacceptable. For specific questions about zoning, building plans or the permitting process, buyers are encouraged to contact the Valencia County Planning & Zoning office.

HOAs/Restrictions: The Rio Grande Estates subdivision has no Home Owners or Property Owners Association. There are no covenants or restrictions and no yearly dues for land owners in this region. Beyond the annual taxes you'll pay to Valencia County - which are currently assessed at roughly $5.00 per parcel - there are no additional costs to concern yourself with.

Utilities: While many properties in the western parts of the subdivision have or sit in close proximity to power lines and underground utility boxes, overall this is a region largely devoid of utilities. Anyone attmepting to build, RV or camp out here should expect to rely on alternative forms of power. Any specific property that has access to power lines will be noted both on the individual listing page as well as on our corresponding spreadsheet of available lots.


Transportation & Other Facilities

Highway: <30mins
Port: >60mins
High-speed railway:>60mins
Provincial/Interstate highway: >60mins
National highway:>60mins
County road: 30-60mins
Township road:30-60mins
Village road/Self-built road: <30mins
Water supply: no
Heat supply: no
Communications: connected
TV system:disconnected
Internet system: disconnected
Sewage:septic tank
Greening: class II
Parking:basically complete
Education: to be improved
Medical treatment:to be improved
Sanitation: basically complete
Entertainment:to be improved
Food: basically complete
Attractions within 5 km:
Area of tenure(ac,sqm,ha):
Exclusive use area(ac,sqm,ha):
Apportioned area(ac,sqm,ha):
Building type:
Building area(ac,sqm,ha):
Building density:
Plot ratio:
Green area ratio:
Limited height:
Nearby industrial clusters:
Comfort index:
Noise index:
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