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Food Delivery Applications in Various Countries

In large and medium-sized cities, when the pace of life is accelerating, urbanites are increasingly inclined to simple life. Today's office workers are undergoing considerable changes. The contradiction between home cooking and stressful work has escalated, which has boomed the take-out/food delivery business.


  1. ele.me

"ele.me", which simply means “Are you hungry” in Chinese, is a local life platform founded in 2008, mainly engaged in online food delivery, new retail, instant delivery and catering supply chain. In April 2018, Alibaba and Ant Financial completed the wholly-owned acquisition of Ele.me. Ele.me was fully integrated into Alibaba's new retail strategy. In May 2018, Ele.me announced that it was approved to open the first batch of drones for instant delivery routes, and the meal delivery drones were officially put into commercial operation. There are 17 UAV routes approved to fly this time, all located in Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Park, covering a total area of 58 square kilometers and serving more than 100 takeaway merchants. Customers can query the location of the delivery person in real time in the application.

  1. Meituan

Meituan and Ele.me have taken over nearly 95% of the Chinese takeaway/food delivery market. Meituan delivery is an online food ordering platform under Meituan.com. It was officially launched in November 2013 and is headquartered in Beijing. Meituan’s takeaway categories include nearby food, fruits, vegetables, supermarkets, flowers, cakes, etc. Many brands such as Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks, etc. can be ordered on Meituan. It also provides various other services such as home delivery of medicines, Meituan special delivery, and errand shopping. Orders can be placed on computers, mobile apps, and WeChat. It supports various payment methods such as Meituan Pay, WeChat Pay, and Apple Pay. Customers can also query the location of the delivery person in real time in the application.



  1. Seamless

It is a leading pioneer of food delivery applications. It has been nearly 20 years since its establishment in 1999. Seamless’s restaurant search system is very powerful, and users can filter by distance, restaurant reviews, prices and other aspects. In addition, they often cooperate with different restaurants to provide exclusive discounts. The software covers more than 600 cities in the United States. Some restaurants are free of delivery fees. However, regardless of whether they are free, there are generally minimum delivery costs.

  1. GrubHub

GrubHub is another major force in food delivery applications and merged with Seamless in 2013. GrubHub's search function is weaker than Seamless, but it covers more cities. Its website search interface is now almost identical to Seamless.

  1. DoorDash

The scale of DoorDash is not as good as the first two, but it has its own advantages and characteristics. For example, users can choose the delivery time, so that they can order takeaway in advance. DoorDash delivers meals on time. It will provide route planning for the delivery person to ensure their efficiency. It also estimates the time it takes for the restaurant to make it to ensure that the food is freshly cooked when the  delivery person arrives at the restaurant. This application covers New York, Boston, Seattle and other 20 major cities. All restaurants charge delivery fee, and very few restaurants have free delivery fee promotion. If the restaurant does not pay the commission, DoorDash will also charge additional user service fees.

  1. Eat24

Eat24 is a subsidiary of Yelp, so its biggest feature is that customers can see restaurant reviews and food pictures uploaded by other customers when they choose a restaurant.

  1. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is the takeaway software launched by Uber, the famous taxi-hailing software. One of its advantages is that it has the same real-time location update function as Uber, and users can check the location of the delivery man at any time. It covers major cities in the United States. Uber Eats is more inclined to deliver takeaway services from local chain restaurants. Drivers can also choose whether to serve as Uber Eats food delivery staff. They can get a $5 payment after completing each delivery task. UberEats users can also track the delivery of orders through the App. Delivery progress! The delivery fee is generally US$4.99 and may increase during peak periods.


  1. Just Eat

There are many types of takeaways that can be ordered on Just Eat: Indian food, Chinese food, Thai food, sushi, fried chicken, Italian food, etc. It is worth reminding everyone that most of the takeaways sold on this platform are small restaurants that specialize in takeaways.

  1. Uber Eats
  2. Hungry Panda

Hungry Panda is a Chinese superfood delivery and delivery service specially designed for Chinese, such as spicy pot, milk tea, and snacks in Chinatown. However, hungry panda has a long delivery time, so it is recommended to order in advance.


  1. Demae 『出前館』

Demae is an early take-out platform in Japan, which provides a food delivery platform but no delivery staff, so the food are delivered by the restaurant worker. After all, it is the service of their own restaurant, so these delivery staffs will be more polite, and the packaging is very careful. In addition, there is no service fee, and there are often various coupons. This website does not require you to register again, T-point, Amazon, Yahoo account can be logged in. Most of the restaurants on the website accept bank cards for payment, and the delivery person will carry the POS machine with him.

  1. Rakuten Delivery

Rakuten Delivery, a takeaway service platform launched by Rakuten, has cooperation with more than 10,000 restaurants. It can be combined with Rakuten member points. People can earn and spend their member points when order food, so it is also very popular in Japan.

  1. Uber Eats


  1. Deliveroo

Deliveroo promises to deliver food to your home within 30 minutes. Generally, Delivroo’s dedicated delivery staff will use bicycles or motorcycles. Deliveroo is available in more than 160 cities in France.


FoodChéri is a French catering company that is committed to providing users with home-cooked food delivery services, so that office workers can enjoy delicious meals without spending a lot of money, and provide fitness meals. Each combination is carefully calculated by a nutritionist, and each meal is low. Less than 500kcal and contains at least 25g protein.


Seazon is the sister company of FoodChéri. It provides a 4-10 meal takeaway package model. The dishes made by Seazon are guaranteed to be fresh on the day, do not contain any preservatives and are matched with seasonal organic fruits and vegetables. Each meal is marked with detailed nutrition data. The feature is to provide a set meal suitable for vegetarians, and provide a gluten-free or lactose-free meal suitable for some people with food allergies.

4. Frichiti

Founded in August 2015, Frichti is a French company that provides food delivery services with its own chef, kitchen and delivery team. The price of each meal per person is around 12.6 Euros, and an extra 1.5 Euro delivery fee is required. Frichti’s dishes are more diverse and are divided into appetizers and main dishes, as well as juice, soft drinks, water, and wine.

5. Uber Eats

6. Just Eat