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Murals Enhance Property Value

People have always been fascinated by the murals on walls that give vibrant looks. We often take pictures of such artwork to be posted in social media but fail to comprehend the efforts put into painting the wall. Murals are predominantly painted to represent the community, culture and advertise captivating images on the wall. Apart from that, they could also improve property value. Here are some states in Malaysia where the property value has been enhanced on account of the murals painted. 

The hidden back streets off Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, has been upgraded with beautiful murals. Once avoided by the general public, turning dingy and deserted sidestreets to places of attraction is the best decision someone could make. The streets which previously had grimy walls, debris, robbers and drug addicts are now resuscitated into a vibrant attraction.


This flora mural has greatly enhanced this once dingy alleyway.

This flora mural has greatly enhanced this once dingy alleyway.


Local artists who painted these murals have definitely made an impact. Not only are they showcasing their talent, but these enhancements also draw more people to drop by to take photos of themselves there. Such activities benefit the various businesses in the vicinity. Food courts flourish as locals and foreigners who perambulate to glimpse the murals will also hunt for food and drinks when they feel hungry or thirsty. With improved trade, the property value of the surrounding shops also increases.


  Boy on a bike mural at George Town, Penang

Boy on a bike mural at George Town, Penang


This has a similar effect in Penang. Artists like Ernest Zacharevic, who painted murals in George Town, add to the tourist attractions there.

Instagrammers and selfie addicts would capture photographs of themselves with the captivating murals. Posting into social media would ultimately inspire more locals or foreigners to make their way to Penang.

Tourists who visit Penang, especially George Town, for its coruscating murals also help to improve property values of the hotels, cafes, homestay and temples. For instance, families that travel from miles away would book homestays or hotel rooms and enjoy themselves capturing photographs with the murals, alongside exploring the temple or other splendorous places in Penang.

Melaka has captivating murals as well. Some of the murals painted in this street are the daily life scenes. Murals like a woman in a headscarf looking out of windows, children playing and men hard at work is the true story of real people. Such murals are not painted to inspire people only, but also to appreciate life.

However, of late, there has been a spate of vandalism, where murals have been defaced. The most recent case was in Shah Alam, where the murals depicting past leaders were vandalised.

Not only does such acts have an opposite effect on the value of the surrounding property, but it also shows the lack of appreciation for the hard work of artists who painted the murals.

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