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Farm Land For Sale in Western Cape, South Africa

The economic output value of the Western Cape ranks third in South Africa, making it one of the most developed provinces in South Africa. Western Cape can be divided into three climatic regions: Penninth and Boran areas are rainy areas in winter and sunny and dry in summer; the southern coastal areas have rain throughout the year, and the Kakadu area is rainy in summer. The fertile soils in these three climate zones are conducive to the development of agriculture, making the Western Cape the largest "food basket" in South Africa. The Western Cape is rich in cereals, fruits, and livestock products. Swellendam near Malmesbury and Fort Overau in the Carlton region is the country's wheat-producing area. The Klinkalu area near Oudtshoorn is South Africa's ostrich breeding center. Western Province is also known for producing high-quality wines, and many brands have won the highest international awards. Following are some farming land for sale in Western Cape.

  1. 130Ha Farm For Sale in Swellendam

This property is one of the best in Swellendam. It is divided into two deeds. Currently, 33 hectares are developed and planted with various fruits, including 3.32 ha of raspberries, 7.89 ha of blackberries, 5.12 ha of blueberries, 3.2 ha of figs, 2.54 ha apricots, 1.26 ha of limes, 2.55 ha of gooseberries, 1.33 ha of peaches, 0.11 ha of grapes and 1.62 ha of strawberries. The annual rainfall of this region is approximately 500mm, and the Langeberg mountain provides a good tea water source. There are 3 dams, 50 000m³, 40 000m³, and 10000m³in size respectively, which can offer fabulous irrigation conditions. 33.25 ha land is equipped with permanent irritation, and a drip irrigation system is settled for bag-based plants.

  1. 22 ha farm in Wellington

This 22 hectares farm would be a good choice for people who want to be free to start a new life here. No building infrastructure exits and the new owner has thus the opportunity to choose one of the various spots for building his dream home from where the grand vistas over the hillsides can be enjoyed. 9 hectares are planted with olives since 2002, and a large part of the rest area is considered to be suitable for other agricultural purposes. Reservoirs and boreholes are in place, which can provide a good water source for both agricultural and household uses.

  1. 33 ha farm in Oudtshoorn, Eden

This property is suitable for people with high living standards. The luxurious home is equipped with everything you need. There are 4 bedrooms in the main house. A big TV room, relaxing swimming pool, beautiful garden and spacious parking place can provide you with the best experience. Separate from the main house, the garden flat also has two bedrooms.

This property has great potential for farming or grazing. Bordering a river, there is a large dam and a 9-hour turn from the river every 16 days. There is also a borehole securing household water from the garden. Other facilities including machinery shed, milking parlor, and horse stables are already in place.

  1. 3 ha farm in Paarl

This could be good residential land for people wanting spectacular mountain views. A large part of this farm is planted with trellised vineyards, which consist of 3.9 ha Cabernet Sauvignon yielding 36 tons, 0.92 ha Chenin Blanc yielding 4.8 tons and 2 ha Chardonnay yielding 3.8 tons. Another 2 ha of land is covered with 677 Mission and 10 Manzanilla olive trees. The new owner can build a new home or other agricultural structures in the rest area.

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