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What is the Best Durian?

Durian is a tropical fruit, native to Malaysia, and later introduced to Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. Thailand and Malaysia are now the world's two largest durian producers. Thailand's durian exports are relatively large, and China is its largest importer. The durian in Malaysia is mainly consumed domestically. According to the differences in varieties and regions, the durian season in Thailand is from April to October each year, while durians in Malaysia mature mainly in June to December. What is the best durian? Here are some popular durian varieties in Thailand and Malaysia.

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Thailand Durian Varieties

Commercially grown durian varieties in Thailand include Monthong, Chanee, Kan and Gradum-tong. There are also many newly planted varieties, and the output has been increasing year by year.


Monthong is the most planted durian variety in Thailand, and the production season is about May andd June. It is large in size, with an average weight of 3-5kg. It is the largest of the four popular varieties in Thailand. It is featured by its triangular spikes and pale yellow flesh. It has a sweet flavor.



The mature season of Chanee is about June to August. The average weight of a Chanee is 2-3kg. It is mostly pear-shaped, and the spines are very large. The smell of Chanee durian is stronger and the taste is heavier.


Gaan Yao

Gaan Yao was grafted to Thailand by the best Musang King from Malaysia. The Gaan Yao durian is late in the production season. It is medium in size with an average weight of 2-4kg. It shapes like a ball with a a long stem at its head, so it is also called “long stem”. The thorns are relatively small. It has a rich and heavy flavor, combined with sweetness and creaminess. It is the most popular durian variety in Thailand.



An average of only one kilogram each, Gradoomthog is easy to eat. It is one of the earliest durian varieties to be marketed every year, and it is usually available in late March and April. Gradoomthog has a sweet and light taste.

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Malaysia Durian Varieties

There are hundreds of registered durian varieties in Malaysia, all of which are distinguished by numbers from D1 to D200, while some may have their unique name.

Musang King (D197)

Musang King Durian is a world famous durian species. The volume is small, usually around 2.5kg. The peel is mostly green. There will be an obvious "five-pointed star" mark at the bottom of the fruit. Musang King durian has a small core and a strong smell with a milky fragrance, which is very popular among consumers. In Malaysia, Musang King durian is abundant in many regions, but the fruit quality is slightly different. Due to the influence of climate and soil and other geographical environment, the best quality is the fruit produced in Pahang.


Golden Phoenix (D198)

Golden Phoenix durian is very small. The shape is undisturbed. The flesh is white, moist and juicy. The taste is slightly bitter and full-bodied.


Red Prawn (D175)

Red Prawn is a durian species unique to Penang, and it is only available in summer. The flesh of red shrimp is darker than other varieties. The red shrimp has a small pit, soft flesh, almost no fiber, and a sweet taste, which is well liked by many people.


Sultan (D24)

It is the most produced durian variety in Malaysia, and once the most popular type. It is smooth and pungent in taste. There is a slight milky tone and may be a pleasant alcoholic taste at times.