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Why is Singapore One of the Leading Countries in International Education?

What is IB?

    IB refers to International Baccalaureate. It is a non-profit organization which offers educational programmes to international schools and students who study in such schools will get the diploma or certificates at the end of a programme.

Singapore students score big in the IB exam

     The results of IB exam in November 2021 were published yesterday. Students from 16 schools in Singapore took part in the exam. And 133 of them account for 238 full scores participants. These schools are mainly local international schools in Singapore, such as School of the Arts Singapore, Hwa Chong International School, ACS International School.

     In fact, not all schools with "international" in their names are international school that we are discussing about in this article. The real international schools generally have EduTrust certification. EduTrust is a voluntary certification scheme for private education institutions (PEIs) in Singapore, but private education institutions which enrol international students must be EduTrust-certified. Therefore, international schools without EduTrust can only enrol students who possess permanent residency or Long Term Visit Pass.

     Moreover, international schools are divided into local and foreign schools. Singapore students in local international schools account for more than 50%. Most of local international school have only middle years programmes. Primary years or kindergartens are not offered. Local Singaporean students can choose to study in local international schools after the Primary School Leaving Examination. Singaporean students can only choose local international schools if they want to study in IB international schools. On the contrary, foreign educational schools among these international schools enrol students according to their nationality. For example, Canadian International schools only enrol Canadians.

    International schools also have two sets of syllabus. One is to prepare the students for the internationally certified IB exam, and the other is to prepare them for the national test. For example, British international schools will prepare the students for the British college entrance examination A-level. This diversion generally occurs in middle school or high school, and students can choose one according to their own wishes. The original intention of these two syllabuses is to help international students obtain internationally certified diplomas. At the same time, if students want to go back to their own country to continue their studies, they can be prepared in advance.

Why is Singapore leading in international education?

  1. Excellentstudents. Singapore is famous for elite education. These students themselves take English as their mother tongue and have laid a solid foundation in primary school. These international schools are also dominated by Singapore's elite students, and it is not surprising that the students excelled in the exam.
  2. Pay attention to the cultivation of students' international vision. International schools usually focus on cultivating students' international vision, especially in Singapore, which is known as an international country. International school students are more diversified. They come from Britain, the United States, South Korea, China, Australia, Japan, India and European countries, which creates an international learning environment for students. The faculty of teaching is also brilliant. Most teachers come from all over the world. Students can communicate with good teachers all over the world.
  3. High requirements of enrollment.These schools set high requirements of enrollment for students, especially ACS (independent). Also, the entrance examination is also relatively hard. You need to take English and mathematics, and Science in some grades. Most schools win by learning. Extracurricular activities are not as diverse as K12 international schools(one-stop teaching system from kindergarten to high school).