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Is Musang King Durian Farm A Good Investment in Malaysia?

If durian is the king of fruits, then Musang King durian is the king of durian. It is the most sought after, and of course the most expensive kind of durian. Although Musang King is produced in many places in Malaysia, Pahang is the best producer, which makes it a good choice to invest a Musang King Durian farm in Pahang. Following are some Musang King durian farm for sell in Pahang.

  1. 65 Acres Musang King Durian Farm in Pahang

This property can serve the investors’ needs with numerous opportunities. Approximately 500 Musang King trees are planted in this 13.65 acres land. These old 20-30 years Musang King trees have very high yields. 90 other brand durian tree are also very healthy and productive. There are also other miscellaneous fruits such as mangosteen, rambutan, pulasan, longan, mango, lime, nangka, jambu, guava, Taiwanese custard apple, coconut, cempedak, kedondong, mata kucing, banana, papaya, soursop.

  1. 118 Acres Musang King Durian Farm in Pahang

This property has 85 leasehold years left. 2-4 years Musang King trees are being nurtured by the best facilities. The majority part of this property is flat land. Engine pump and piping system are available for irrigation. It also has easy connection with KL and Lanchang tol. Roads are paved so that cars can drive in.

  1. 110 Acres Musang King Durian Farm in Pahang

This farm is planted with 90% Musang king, 5% black thorn and 5% mixed other brand Deka D24. These trees are only 2 years old. It is close to the main road and has a wide road frontage. It is about 20km from Karak Town. Piping, drainage, access and water storage facilities are well prepared.

  1. 9 Acres Musang King Durian Farm in Raub, Pahang

There are over 40 Musang King trees of 10-15 years and more than 60 D24 trees of over 20 years. New musang king trees are being planted on those cleared land currently. In addition to durian, more than 100 oil palm trees of 6-7 years old are producing fruits on this land.

  1. 18 Acres Musang King Durian Farm in Pahang

Positioned at Sg Mas, Raub, this freehold 18 acres land is fully planted with more than 700 Musang King durian trees. Now the trees are about 3 to 5 years old. The forest reserve land behind this farm is about 5 acres, which had been cleared and planted with some Musang King trees, now 3 to 4 years old. This 5 acres also have some D24 and Kampong Durian trees.

Terrain here is slightly undulating but there is ho high hills, which is ideal for durian cultivation. The hill stream behind the land provides endless water source even in drought season. Water tanks are installed for the piping irrigation.

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