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Things to Know about Robot Vacuums

What is a household robot vacuums?

  Household robot vacuum is a wireless machine that can automatically clean a certain area of indoor ground space at home by picking up dirt according to instructions or without instructions. It is generally disc-shaped.

  The household robot vacuum basically has the following characteristics:

  1. It is battery-powered.It can be operated bythe remote control or the operation panel on the machine.
  2. It is self-charging and able to clean autonomously by setting an appointment.
  3. It is equipped with asensor in front to detect obstacles. When encountering obstacles, the cleanerwill turn automatically and continue to clean the ground in a planned way.

  In addition, due to the different R & D directions of various household robot vacuum brands, many of them will have special designs in terms of functions, such as attached-handle vacuum cleaner, attached double dust suction cover, spinning brushes to reach tight corners, washable dust collection box with mop, UV sterilization, releasing fragrance, App control, etc.

Types of household robot vacuums

  1. Single suction port: it is shown by practice that this typeof robot vacuumshas good cleaning effect on floating dirt on the ground, but it’s not effective to pick up long-lying dust and dust adsorbed by static electricity on the ground.
  2. V-brush sweeping: this typeof robotvacuums is common in Taiwan models. Because the lifting v-brush can float for cleaning, the sweeping brush can be better fit to the ground and clean the long-lying dust and dust adsorbed by static electricity more thoroughly.
  3. Medium brush clamp: this typeofrobot vacuums has a good cleaning effect on large particles and carpets, but it has a poor effect on the ground dust, and it is not ideal for the dust cleaning of marble floor and wooden floor which are really common in Asia, so it is more suitable for the whole carpet environment in European families.

Important qualities of household robot vacuums

  1. 1. It can effectively preventitself fromfalling on the edge such as edge of steps.
  2. It should detect theobstacles ahead in time and the choose the best cleaning route and adjust the route promptly according to the situation.
  3. The cleaning time can be scheduled and reserved at will, rather than fixed time cycle cleaning.
  4. It can assurethe floor at homecan be thoroughly cleaned.
  5. It has a function of UV sterilization and mite removal that can better protect the health of family members.
  6. It has a high efficiency and goodbattery capacity.
  7. It can be working quietlyso as not tobother family members with noise.
  8. Itshould be durable and have a long service life under the condition of ensuring the cleaning effect.

Maintenance skills of household robot vacuums

  1. It is better to clean the filterfrom time to time to reduce the use cost and extend the life of your robot vacuum cleaner.
  2. If the side brush and main brush curl after being used for a period of time, they can be soaked in80 ℃ hot water.the PET brush can recover to its original form by hot water.
  3. Clean the built-in dust box every 3 to 5 days to pour out the collected dirt. The dust box are typically located on the rear underside or in the top center of the machine. It should be rinsed if something particularly gross is caked on.
  4. Carefully check the dust suction module, roller brush and side brush, sensorand other parts regularly. If any damage is found, repairor replace it in time.

Tips for the use of robot vacuums

  1. Do not useit in wet environment to avoid short circuit and fire caused by damp motor.
  2. Avoid the cleaner to pick upmatches, cigarette butts and other inflammable 
  3. The use timeshould not be too longto prevent the motor from overheating and burning.
  4. It is strictly prohibited to use robot vacuumin flammable and explosivecircumstance to avoid fire and explosion accidents.
  5. After work, the robotvacuumwill automatically return to the charging base for charging, and wait for the next scheduled cleaning. If the floor sweeping robot will not be used for a long time, you’d better unplug the cleaner, take out its battery and and store it in a dry place.