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Land Measurements in Uganda

  Land measurements in Uganda is very important for potential land buyers and owners. Land measurements help determine the type of investment that can be made on a specific area of land. Learn more about land area divided by square miles, hectares, acres, decimals, meters, square meters, square feet, and yards. A professional land surveyor is the key to measuring and determining the area of land that may be stipulated in land ownership. The following information can be used as a guide to give you a clear understanding of land measurements in Uganda.

Introduction to land measurements in Uganda

  Uganda has a total area of 241,550.7 square kilometers (square kilometers) and a water area of 36,527.4 square kilometers (accounting for 15.3% of Uganda's total area). Uganda is a landlocked country, bordering Sudan, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Rwanda. About 80% of the country's total land area is arable land, but it is estimated that only 30% is used productively. The vegetation is mainly composed of prairie grassland, woodland, shrubland and tropical rain forest.

  When buying land of any size in Uganda for any purpose, you need land measurements services to ensure that the size of the land you buy meets the requirements in the land deed. For example, when purchasing industrial land, farm land or agricultural land, houses, small plots and any type of property, land measurements must be carried out to verify the size. Any professional land surveyor knows how to use land deeds to interpret land area. All land ownership deeds, whether leases, freeholds, or Melo land use systems, must be verified at the Land Registry/Land Office. The Land Office will always provide search reports to applicants who submit search applications to it. After confirming these sizes, it is always necessary to physically confirm the size through the open boundary to ensure that the land size will not be encroached on.

Land measurements conversion

  Some measurements include square miles, hectares, acres, decimals, meters, square meters, square feet, and yards. It is strongly recommended that you use a reputable professional land surveyor to negotiate with your lawyer to confirm the actual measured value when selling or buying land.

  The followings are commonly used land measurements conversion guidelines in Uganda:

  * 1 square mile equals 640 acres

  * 259 hectares equals 640 acres

  * 1 hectare equals 2.47 acres

  * 1 acre is equivalent to 100 decimals

  * One consists of 4,046.86 square meters

  * 50 decimal places are equal to half an acre.

  * 25 decimal places are equal to a quarter of an acre (100 x 100 feet of land)

  * 200*200 feet equals one acre

  * 12.5 decimal places equal to 50 x 100 feet of land.

  * 1 meter equals 100 centimeters

  * 1 foot equals 11.9 inches

  * 1 square foot equals 144 square inches

  * 1 square yard equals 9.6 square feet.

  * 1 square meter equals 10.7 square feet

  * 1 hectare consists of 10,000 square meters

  With the rise of real estate business in Uganda, land trading is one of the most risky businesses. Therefore, the largest proportion of land plots sold in a size of 100x50 feet.

  Therefore, let us first understand the meaning of a 50 x 100 or 100 x 50 chart. 100x50ft refers to the measured value of the side of the plot assuming the form of a regular rectangle, the longest side (length) is 100 feet, and the smaller side (width) is 50 feet, so "100 x 50" refers to the side dimensions of the plot ( Measured value) and always in feet unless otherwise stated.

  If you use the metric conversion, the conversion of 50 feet x 100 feet to meters is 15.24 meters x 30.48 meters, so at least if you buy a plot of 50 x 100 feet and you don’t see these measurements on the land title, then you need to pay attention to 15 x 30.

  However, due to irregularities in the shape of the land, some plots will have longer sides than others, but still cover the same area as the 50x100-foot plot. So let's take a brief look at this area.


  A 50x100 ft parcel is one-eighth of an acre, which means that an acre of land consists of eight 50 ft x 100 ft parcels. One acre is equal to 100 decimal places, so if you divide 100 decimal places by eight , The result is the area size of a 50-foot x 100-foot plot with 12.5 digits after the decimal point.

  You may be frustrated by not being able to find "12.5decimals" on the land ownership (this is most likely), which may put buyers and sellers in trouble.

  It is important to know that land ownership will reflect the area of your plot (in hectares), so a 50 ft x 100 ft plot covers approximately 0.046 hectares.

  To understand it in meters, you need to multiply by 10,000, so a 50-foot x 100-foot diagram is approximately 460 square meters. When you buy land, you may never see 50×100 anywhere, just because it is written or presented in different measurement units such as meters, or if the shape is irregular, pay attention to the area, it should be 0.046 Within the range of hectares or 460 square meters, you will get value for money and buy.