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Duterte's Daughter Drops Out Of Mayoral Race

Sarah, the daughter of Philippine President Duterte, announced her withdrawal from the mayor election of Davao, which made more people believe that she might participate in the presidential election of the Philippines next year.

Sarah, 43, is the current mayor of Davao. On Tuesday, she announced her withdrawal from the election through her Facebook but did not explain why. She told supporters that she would explain the situation further later. Many local polls this year show that people most want her to take over the presidency from Duterte. But Sarah has repeatedly indicated that she will seek re-election as mayor of Davao instead of running for president.

According to the Philippine Constitution, the president's term of office is limited to one term of six years and cannot be re-elected. The term of the current President Duterte will expire in June next year. The Philippines will hold national and local elections on May 9th next year to elect a new president, vice president, members of parliament, local administrators, and local councilors.

All candidates must submit nomination forms from October 1st to 8th, but the Election Committee allows all parties to change their presidential candidates before November 15th. It was rumored that Sarah would announce her candidacy for the presidency at the last minute, just like her father Duterte.

Davao is the third-largest city in the Philippines and the political base of the Duterte family. Duterte served as the mayor of Davao for about 20 years. In 2015, he repeatedly indicated that he would strive for re-election as mayor of Davao instead of participating in the 2016 presidential election. He didn't announce his candidacy for president until the last minute.

After Duterte became president, his daughter Sarah and son Paul immediately ran for the deputy mayor of Davao, and both of them were elected by high votes. After Sarah inherited her father's mantle in 2016, she also showed the same tough style as her father without talking nonsense, which was extremely popular.

Up to now, six people have submitted their applications or announced their candidacy in next year's Philippine presidential election, including former boxing champion Pacquiao, Manila Mayor Moreno, former President Marcos' only son, Little Marcos, Senator Laxen, and current Vice President Tommy Robredo.