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Malacca Election Tests Anwar's Leadership

Political observers said that the election in Malacca was the most chaotic election in Malaysia in 60 years, and tested the ability of Anwar, the leader of the opposition party in Congress, to lead the Hope League to win.

In this state election, there were 112 candidates competing for 28 state seats, with 11 seats in the triangle war, nine seats in the four corners, five seats in the five corners, and three seats in the six corners.

Expert: If Hope League's performance is worse than that of the previous session, it shows that Anwar's influence is fading.

Dr. Mazlan Ali, a political observer of Malaysia University of Science, told online media that Malaysia: "If the performance of Hope League in Malacca is worse than that of the last general election, it shows that Anwar's influence may be fading."

Hu Yishan, a senior researcher of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (Institute), also said: "It is an arduous task for Anwar to consolidate his undisputed leadership position as an opposition party. If he can win Malacca for Hope League, then he will prove that he is a force to be reckoned with in the 15th general election."

However, Sisomuddin, executive director of Qiaosi Center of a Malaysian think tank, said that from the situation of Jiazhou nomination day, Anwar's position as a leader seemed unstable.

He pointed out that although the Democratic Party, the Justice Party, and the Integrity Party are the Hope League, they did not announce the list of candidates at the same time, and the Democratic Party, which opposed the two former UMNO State Councillors who led to the downfall of the Jiazhou government, did not attend the press conferences of the Justice Party and Integrity Party. Although Anwar always supported the two job-hopping Councillors and did not think that they were "political frogs".

Adri, the chairman of Hope League, said frankly that it was not an easy decision to accept the two UMNO former members. This is similar to the situation that Hope League accepted former Prime Minister Mahadi and Tetuan Party before the last general election.

Lim Kit Siang: State elections may decide whether the rule of thieves will quietly return.

Lim Kit Siang, a veteran of the Democratic Party, believes that although it is only a state election, it will have a far-reaching political impact on the future of Malaysia, and may even decide whether Prime Minister Ismail Shabiri will become the prime minister with the shortest term, which is shorter than that of former Prime Minister Muhyiddin. "It may also determine whether the rule of thieves will quietly return."

In any case, according to the number of seats contested by BN, League of Nations, and Greek League, it is possible that no alliance can win enough seats to form a state government. This means that all alliances must negotiate to form a state government after the election results are released.