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Malaysia-Singapore Business Council Praised The VTL Programe

Malaysia-Singapore Business Council praised Singapore and Malaysia for implementing the Vaccinated Travel Lane(VTL) and hoped to restore the land connection between Singapore and Laos as soon as possible and accelerate the economic recovery between the two countries.

Sin Chew Daily reported that the Malaysian-Malaysian Business Council (MSBC) issued a document yesterday praising the governments of Singapore and Malaysia for listening to the voice of the business community, and resuming the cross-border tourism between Singapore Changi Airport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport from the 29th of this month so that the vaccinated business travelers can travel between Singapore and Malaysia.

However, the VTL flight to be launched by Singapore and Malaysia does not benefit 300,000 people who travel to Johor and Singapore every day. According to the Council, it is necessary to provide convenience for 300,000 people who commute to Johor and Singapore every day, because allowing them to start working again in Singapore is not only vital to their respective livelihoods but also can promote the economic activities of Johor and Singapore.

Ninozlu, Malaysia co-chairman of the Council, said: "The business relationship between the two countries is of great significance to the region. We are moving towards the era when the crown disease becomes an endemic epidemic, and it is very important to restore the cultural exchanges between the two countries."

Ye Jinguo, Singapore co-chairman of the Council and executive chairman of YCH, pointed out that the relationship between Singapore and Malaysia has always been close, and reopening the border will help accelerate the economic recovery of the two countries after experiencing the impact of a crown disease epidemic.

Penang urged the central government to include Penang Airport in the Singapore-Malaysia VTL plan.

On the other hand, Yang Shunxing, chairman of Penang Tourism and Creative Economy Committee (the cabinet minister of the state), urged the central government yesterday to include Penang International Airport in the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) plan implemented by Singapore and Malaysia on the 29th of this month.

He said that the simultaneous launch of the plan in Kuala Lumpur and Penang could double the pace of economic recovery, especially in Penang, Kedah, Glass City, and Perak, and restart industries deeply affected by the epidemic.

He said: "Penang is the manufacturing hub of the Oriental Silicon Valley. If Penang International Airport is added to the plan, it will also bring benefits to Penang's foreign-funded manufacturing industry."