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How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Car?

How do ants show up in your car?

  1. Food residue left in the car. Many people love to eat some snacks in the car and it’s very easy to leave some food bits without noticing it. And ants will then be attracted by the smell of food, especially sweets. Besides, people usually put those leftover snacks in the car without sealing them. In this way, ants will gather around for the food.
  2. Parking your car on the grass or under the trees. Ants often appear in these places. If the car was park by the grass or trees for a long time, the ants will enter your car through the gaps in the car.

  These are two main reasons why ants appear in the car. After knowing them, you need to pay attention to the hygiene in your car and avoid eating food in the car and parking the car under trees or on the grass. Based on the two main causes, some other measures can be taken to kill the ants in your car or prevent the problem.

Measures to help you get rid of ants in the car

Keep the car dry. Ants like damp environment. If you use air conditioning during driving, you can turn on the external circulation.

Expose the car to the sun. Park your car under the sun. The strong sunshine can increase the temperature in the car so that the ants may escape from the car.

Use camphor balls. You can put some camphor balls in the car. Because camphor balls have the effect of expelling insects, ants will run away after smelling the smell of camphor balls.

Use alcohol. Ants are afraid of alcohol. You can spray some alcohol in corners and places where ants haunt, which can play a role in driving them away.

Attract the ants to gather and throw them away. You can get a newspaper, put a melted candy on the newspaper and place the newspaper where there are many ants in the car. Since ants like sweets very much, they will slowly gather on the candy. After all ants gather, you can just throw away the newspaper.

Sprinkle washing powder. You can sprinkle some washing powder where the ants often appear. The washing powder contains alkaline substances. The ants will die after eating the washing powder, and then you just need to clean the bodies of ants.

Make use of glue rat board. First you sprinkle some white sugar on the central part of the glue rat board, and then put it in the corner awaiting ants to be attracted. Ants will come onto the board for the sweets. Once the ants are trapped on the glue board, you can just throw away them all together.

Spray insecticide. You should first clean and wash the interior of your car, and then spray the insecticide. After the spraying, close the door and windows for the insecticide to work. When you open the door the next day, you will find that many ants have died in the car. You just need to clean the bodies of ants.

Find the nest. The small number of ants can be eliminated for good. However, if there is a ant nest in your car, you must find the nest and kill the queen ant to stop the growing of ants. How to find the ant nest in the car? First you need to put some baits in the car such as sweets, and then wait for the ants out to carry it. Then, following the route through which the ants carry food, you can find the ant nest. After you locate the nest, you can spray insecticide into the ant nest to kill them once and for all.

How to kill ants inside the equipment in your car?

  It’s more difficult to eliminate when the ants live inside the equipment in your car than on the interior surface of car. If not handled carefully, the equipment will be damaged. Under this circumstance, you’d better not use insecticide in case of any damage on the equipment. Instead, you need to turn to special cleaner for the equipment. For example, if you find a nest inside the air conditioner of your car. You should clean the air outlet and the internal pipes of the air conditioner. The simplest way is to buy a bottle of household cabinet air conditioner cleaner in the supermarket, because it contains a small plastic pipe, which can reach into the air conditioner through the air outlet. You need to connect the cleaner to the plastic pipe, extend it into the air outlet and spray it slowly through each outlet. After the spraying, you should turn on the air conditioner and open the car door for several minutes for ventilation.