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How To Change Name On Property Title Deeds In Taxas

If you have recently undergone a name change due to marriage,divorce,or personal reasons,it's essential to update your name on legal documents,including property title deeds.In Texas,the process of changing your name on property title deeds involves several steps and requires adherence to specific legal procedures.We will provide a comprehensive guide on how to change your name on property title deeds in Texas,ensuring that your ownership records reflect your new name accurately.

Understand the Legal Process

a.Consult an Attorney:It is advisable to consult an experienced real estate attorney who can guide you through the process and ensure compliance with Texas laws and regulations.

b.Gather Relevant Documents:Collect all relevant documents,including your current property title deed,legal proof of your name change(such as a marriage certificate or court order),and any supporting documentation required by the county clerk's office.

Prepare the Required Forms

a.Obtain a Name Change Petition:If you haven't already obtained a court-ordered name change,you will need to file a name change petition with the appropriate court.Follow the court's procedures and submit the necessary forms and fees.

b.Obtain a Certified Copy of the Name Change Order:Once the court approves your name change petition,request a certified copy of the name change order.This document serves as legal proof of your name change.

Update Identification Documents

a.Update Your Social Security Card:Visit your local Social Security Administration office or access their website to update your name on your Social Security card.You will need to provide proof of your name change and other identification documents.

b.Update Your Driver's License or State ID:Visit the Texas Department of Public Safety(DPS)office with your name change order,current identification,and other required documents to update your driver's license or state identification card.

Notify the County Clerk's Office

a.Obtain the Correct Forms:Contact the county clerk's office where your property is located to request the appropriate forms for changing your name on the property title deed.

b.Complete the Forms:Fill out the forms accurately,providing all required information.Attach the certified copy of the name change order and any additional documentation requested by the county clerk.

c.Submit the Forms and Pay Fees:Submit the completed forms,along with the necessary fees,to the county clerk's office.Retain copies of all submitted documents for your records.

Update the Property Title Deed

a.Receive the Amended Deed:Once the county clerk's office processes your request,you will receive an amended property title deed reflecting your new name.

b.Update Property Ownership Records:Notify any relevant parties,such as mortgage lenders or homeowner associations,about the name change and provide them with a copy of the amended deed.

Consider Seeking Legal Advice

a.Complex Situations:If your name change is due to divorce,inheritance,or other complex situations,consult with an attorney who specializes in family law or real estate to ensure compliance with specific legal requirements.

b.Multiple Properties or Joint Ownership:If you own multiple properties or share ownership with others,consult legal counsel to navigate the name change process efficiently and address any related legal considerations.


Changing your name on property title deeds in Texas requires careful adherence to legal procedures.It's crucial to gather the necessary documents,consult an attorney when necessary,and follow the guidelines provided by the county clerk's office.By following the steps outlined in this guide,you can successfully update your name on property title deeds,ensuring accurate ownership records that reflect your new name.