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The System of Land Survey in Singapore

Singapore is a country that attaches great importance to the rule of law and the construction of the legal system. Its legal norms permeate into all aspects, and there are rules to follow in everything. Singapore Land Surveyors Act is a set of comprehensive, specific and operational laws and regulations on surveying and mapping management in Singapore. The Survey Bureau of Singapore, land surveyors, registries and surveyors' institutes and associations operate under the Singapore Land Surveyors Act. They are independent and linked to each other as an independent operating system and form a complementary survey management system.

Land Surveyor

Land surveyors conduct land boundaries and topographical work. There are two groups among land surveyors. The first group is private surveyor who help developers make a general description of specific sites, mapping work. Besides, they need to obtain development permits and prepare planning documents.The other one is surveyor working for the government. They provide a framework for land use and management, evaluate development applications and prepare guidelines for development. Unlike In China, most surveyors in Singapore are self-employed or employed by private surveying companies, except for a very small number of surveyors who are civil servants or employed by the government.

Land Surveyor’s Registry

The Land Surveyors Registry of Singapore is established under the Land Surveyors Act. Its main functions are: (1) the registration of land surveyors and their survey staff; (2) annual examination of the registered land surveyor’s permit; (3) annual examination of the license of a registered private survey company; (4) To organize a committee to investigate and deal with complaints against registered surveyors and surveying companies. According to Singapore Land Surveyors Act, there is no one but surveyors registered with the Singapore Surveyors Registry can carry out surveying and mapping services in Singapore. All surveying and mapping services must be carried out under the guidance of the registered surveyors, so that the surveying and mapping results are valid.Some of the technical, transactional and industry management work except administration was transferred to the institute of surveyors——The Singapore Institute of Surveyors, which plays a much larger role in industry management than its other domestic counterparts.

The Singapore Institute of Surveyors

As a professional technical institution, the main function of Singapore Institute of Surveyors is to to promote academic exchanges and technical cooperation. In addition, it’s responsible for tracking the development of high and new technology of surveying and disseminate advanced technology of mapping timely. More importantly, Singapore Institute of Surveyors is not only regarded as the industry supervision and self-discipline organization to strengthen the coordination of the whole industry, but also it shoulder the contact between government, surveyors and companies.