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How To Keep Snakes Away From Property

Snakes are fascinating creatures,but they can cause anxiety and concern when they enter residential areas.If you live in an area prone to snake encounters or want to ensure a snake-free environment,it's important to implement preventive measures to keep snakes away from your property.We will discuss effective strategies and precautions you can take to deter snakes and maintain a safe and snake-free environment.

Understand Snake Behavior

Before implementing preventive measures,it's helpful to understand snake behavior and what attracts them to residential areas.Snakes are drawn to properties that provide shelter,food,and water sources.They may seek refuge in gardens,piles of debris,woodpiles,or areas with overgrown vegetation.By addressing these factors,you can discourage snakes from approaching your property.

Keep Your Property Clean and Tidy

Maintaining a clean and tidy property is a crucial step in deterring snakes.Follow these practices:

a.Remove Yard Debris:Clear away any piles of leaves,grass clippings,or other yard debris that can provide hiding spots for snakes.

b.Trim Vegetation:Regularly trim bushes,shrubs,and low-hanging branches to reduce potential hiding places for snakes and eliminate their access to your property.

c.Clean Up Woodpiles:If you have a woodpile,stack it neatly and keep it away from your house.Check the wood before bringing it inside,as snakes may use it as a hiding spot.

d.Maintain a Well-Manicured Lawn:Mow your lawn regularly,keeping the grass short and removing tall weeds.Snakes are less likely to enter areas with a well-maintained landscape.

Seal Entry Points

Preventing snakes from entering your property starts with sealing any potential entry points:

a.Inspect and Seal Cracks:Conduct a thorough inspection of your property,paying close attention to foundation cracks,gaps around doors and windows,and holes in exterior walls.Seal any openings to prevent snakes from entering your home or outbuildings.

b.Install Snake-Proof Fencing:Consider installing snake-proof fencing around your property perimeter.Use materials like hardware cloth or mesh wire with openings smaller than the average snake's size to prevent their entry.

Eliminate Food Sources

Snakes are attracted to areas with abundant food sources,such as rodents or insects.By reducing these food sources,you can make your property less appealing to snakes:

a.Control Rodent Populations:Take measures to control rodents around your property,as they are a common food source for snakes.Keep trash cans tightly sealed,eliminate standing water,and seal any openings that may provide access to rodents.

b.Remove Bird Feeders:Bird feeders can attract small mammals and rodents,which,in turn,can attract snakes.Consider relocating bird feeders farther away from your house to reduce the potential for snake activity.

Use Natural Deterrents

Several natural deterrents can help repel snakes from your property:

a.Plant Snake-Repelling Plants:Certain plants,such as marigolds,lemongrass,and wormwood,are believed to repel snakes due to their strong scents.Planting them strategically around your property can act as a deterrent.

b.Use Natural Predators:Encourage natural predators of snakes,such as owls,hawks,or even non-venomous snakes like gopher snakes,to inhabit your property.These predators can help control the snake population naturally.

Implement Physical Barriers

Creating physical barriers can effectively deter snakes from entering specific areas of your property:

a.Install Snake-Proof Mesh:If you have openings in structures like crawl spaces,vents,or gaps beneath porches or decks,consider installing snake-proof mesh or hardware cloth to prevent snakes from entering these areas.

b.Snake-Proofing Gates:Install weather-stripping or door sweeps on exterior doors to minimize gaps and prevent snakes from entering your home.

Educate Yourself and Seek Professional Help

Educating yourself about the types of snakes prevalent in your area,their habits,and potential dangers is essential.If you are uncertain about snake identification or encounter a venomous snake,it's crucial to seek professional assistance from a local wildlife or pest control expert.


While it may be impossible to completely eliminate the presence of snakes,implementing these preventive measures can significantly reduce the likelihood of snakes coming onto your property.By keeping your property clean,sealing entry points,eliminating food sources,using natural deterrents,and implementing physical barriers,you can create an environment that is less appealing to snakes.Remember to always prioritize your safety and consult with local experts for additional guidance when necessary.