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What Does Putrajaya Mean?

Putrajaya is one of the three federal territories of Malaysia and is the federal administrative center of Malaysia.

Putrajaya is an ideal city of prosperity. In its original Malay name, Putra means “prince” and Jaya means “success” or “victory”, both words from Sanskrit. This smart garden City retains the essence of Malaysia's traditional heritage. At least one-third of the area still retains the natural green scenery, forest gardens, lakes, and wetlands, which are Malaysia's precious green heritage. The whole city covers a vast area, 70% of which is green space, and the environment is quiet and pleasant. After nearly 6 years of planning and construction, it is now a modern and emerging city of considerable scale and has become one of the latest tourist attractions in Malaysia. The Malaysian Prime Minister's Office and government departments have moved to Putrajaya for office, and supporting facilities for residential, commercial, cultural and leisure facilities and transportation systems have been basically completed. 

Putrajaya is a beautiful city with gardens and traditional domed houses, and modern architecture with strong Islamic and Malay styles abides. Buildings in Putrajaya are mostly low-rise and multi-story. The height and dislocation of buildings are mainly based on local conditions, skillfully using the difference of terrain height, integrating the urban cultural landscape of modern architecture into the ecological background of the urban jungle.