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Housing Developers Must First Develop Approved Land In Pahang

Pahang state Minister Datuk Seri Wan Rosti said developers who did not develop land in Pahang already approved would be punished, including stopping new land issues. He said some housing developers had submitted applications to acquire new lots before developing sites that had already been approved earlier. Similar cases have harmed state governments and their people’s economic interests.

About 31 Pahang housing projects have been canceled so far. The State Government is examining various factors, including the developer's inability to proceed and lack of progress. After the government gives the opportunity, to avoid waste, it opens the project to capable developers and continues to carry out the project.

The Pahang Housing Scheme is open to all families in the state with a monthly income of less than RM10,000 to apply. Housing quality is good, demand is high, but some applicants are not approved by the bank loan. The State Government has so far awarded 31 housing projects, of which three are under construction.