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When Does Deer Hunting Start In Wisconsin

Deer hunting is a popular activity in Wisconsin,attracting thousands of hunters from around the state and beyond each year.We will explore when deer hunting starts in Wisconsin and cover several subtopics,including the hunting seasons,regulations,and requirements for hunters.

Deer Hunting Seasons in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has several deer hunting seasons,each with its own start and end date.The archery and crossbow season usually starts in mid-September and runs through the end of January.The gun season typically starts in mid-November and lasts for nine days,with the specific dates varying from year to year.The muzzleloader season typically starts in mid-December and runs for 10 days.Finally,the late archery and crossbow season usually starts in early January and runs through the end of the month.

It is important for hunters to be aware of the start and end dates for each season to ensure that they are hunting legally and in compliance with state regulations.Hunters must also obtain the appropriate licenses and permits before participating in any of the hunting seasons.

Regulations for Deer Hunting in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has strict regulations in place to ensure that deer hunting is conducted safely and responsibly.Some of the key regulations that hunters must follow include:

  • Obtaining the appropriate licenses and permits before hunting
  • Hunting during the designated hunting seasons
  • Using only legal firearms and equipment
  • Wearing blaze orange clothing during gun hunting seasons
  • Reporting all harvested deer to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources(DNR)within 24 hours
  • Abiding by bag limits and antler restrictions
  • Hunters who violate these regulations may face fines,license revocation,and other penalties.

Requirements for Hunters in Wisconsin

In addition to following the regulations for deer hunting in Wisconsin,hunters must also meet certain requirements to be eligible to hunt.Some of the key requirements include:

Completing a hunter education course:Hunters born on or after January 1,1973,must complete a hunter education course before obtaining a hunting license.The course teaches hunters about hunting safety,ethics,and regulations and is available in both in-person and online formats.

Obtaining the appropriate licenses and permits:Hunters must obtain the appropriate licenses and permits before hunting in Wisconsin.This includes a hunting license,a deer hunting license,and any additional permits that may be required for specific hunting seasons or areas.

Using legal firearms and equipment:Hunters must use legal firearms and equipment when hunting in Wisconsin.The state has specific regulations in place regarding the type of firearms,ammunition,and hunting methods that are allowed.

Reporting harvested deer:Hunters must report all harvested deer to the Wisconsin DNR within 24 hours of harvest.This helps the state monitor deer populations and ensure that hunting is conducted sustainably.


In conclusion,deer hunting is a popular activity in Wisconsin that is regulated by the state to ensure safety and sustainability.The hunting seasons for archery,gun,muzzleloader,and late archery and crossbow season each have their own start and end dates.Hunters must follow specific regulations regarding licenses and permits,firearms and equipment,and reporting harvested deer.Additionally,hunters must meet certain requirements,such as completing a hunter education course and using legal firearms and equipment,to be eligible to hunt in Wisconsin.By following these regulations and requirements,hunters can enjoy a safe and enjoyable deer hunting experience in Wisconsin.