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How Do I Find The Dimensions Of My Property Online

Knowing the dimensions of your property is crucial for various reasons,such as planning renovations,determining property boundaries,or applying for permits.In the digital age,accessing property information online has become more accessible and convenient than ever before.In this blog post,we will guide you through the process of finding the dimensions of your property online,empowering you with the knowledge you need.

Start with the Assessor's Office:

The local Assessor's Office is an excellent starting point for finding property dimensions.Most counties or municipalities have an Assessor's Office responsible for assessing and maintaining property records.Visit the official website of your local Assessor's Office,where you can typically find a property search or GIS(Geographic Information System)tool.Enter your address or parcel number to access detailed property information,including dimensions.

Utilize Online Property Search Platforms:

There are numerous online platforms that aggregate property data from various sources,making it easier to access information about your property.Websites such as Zillow,Realtor.com,or Redfin provide property search features that allow you to enter your address and view details about your property,including dimensions.Keep in mind that these platforms may not have the most up-to-date or comprehensive data,so cross-referencing with official sources is recommended.

Explore GIS Mapping Websites:

GIS mapping websites provide comprehensive spatial data and are excellent resources for finding property dimensions.Websites like Google Maps,Bing Maps,or dedicated local GIS platforms often offer property boundary overlays and measurements.Search for your address on the mapping website and use the available tools,such as the measuring tool or property boundary layers,to determine the dimensions of your property.

Consult Online County Records:

Many counties provide online access to public records,including property information.Visit the official website of your county or clerk's office to search for property records.Look for sections such as"Property Records"or"Online Records Search,"where you can enter your address or parcel number to access property details.These records may include measurements or property survey documents that can help determine the dimensions.

Check Plat Maps or Surveys:

Plat maps or property surveys are official documents that provide detailed information about the dimensions and boundaries of a property.These documents are typically prepared by professional surveyors and are available at the county or municipal offices.Contact the local surveyor's office or the county recorder's office to inquire about obtaining a copy of the plat map or survey for your property.

Engage with a Professional Surveyor:

If you require precise and accurate property dimensions or if you are dealing with complex boundary issues,consulting a professional surveyor is advisable.A licensed surveyor can conduct a survey of your property,accurately measuring and mapping the dimensions and boundaries.Surveyors use advanced equipment and expertise to provide comprehensive reports that meet legal standards.

Seek Assistance from Real Estate Professionals:

Real estate agents or brokers can be valuable resources for accessing property information.These professionals have access to multiple listing services(MLS)and other databases that provide detailed property data,including dimensions.Reach out to a local real estate agent or brokerage and inquire if they can assist you in obtaining the dimensions of your property.

Verify with Local Authorities:

If you're unable to find property dimensions online or through other resources,contact the local zoning or planning department.These departments typically maintain records related to property dimensions,setbacks,and zoning regulations.Reach out to the appropriate department and inquire about the availability of property dimension information or any other relevant details.


Discovering the dimensions of your property is no longer a daunting task,thanks to the wealth of online resources and government databases available.