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When Does Bow Hunting Start In Wisconsin

Bow hunting in Wisconsin is a popular activity among hunters.Wisconsin has a large deer population and is known for its quality hunting opportunities.However,before grabbing your bow and heading out to the woods,it's essential to know when the bow hunting season starts in Wisconsin and the regulations that come with it.We'll discuss when bow hunting season starts in Wisconsin,the regulations that hunters need to be aware of,and some tips for a successful hunt.

When Does Bow Hunting Season Start in Wisconsin?

Bow hunting season in Wisconsin typically starts in mid-September and runs through early January.The exact dates for each year are set by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources(DNR)and may vary from year to year.The season is divided into several different periods,including the early and late archery seasons,the October antlerless season,and the December antlerless season.

The early archery season usually begins in mid-September and runs for several weeks.This is the most popular time for bow hunting in Wisconsin because the weather is generally mild,and the deer are more active.The late archery season runs from late December through early January,and it's an excellent opportunity for hunters who didn't have success during the earlier seasons to get one last chance to bag a deer.

Regulations for Bow Hunting in Wisconsin

Before going bow hunting in Wisconsin,hunters must be aware of the state's hunting regulations.These regulations are in place to protect both hunters and the wildlife they're hunting.Some of the key regulations that hunters should know include:

Hunter Education:In Wisconsin,all hunters born after January 1,1973,must complete a hunter education course before they can purchase a hunting license.This course teaches hunters the basics of hunting safety,ethics,and regulations.

License and Tags:All hunters must have a valid Wisconsin hunting license and any required tags or permits to hunt deer.

Blaze Orange:During gun deer hunting season,all hunters are required to wear at least 50%blaze orange clothing above the waist.

Archery Equipment:Only certain types of archery equipment are allowed for hunting in Wisconsin.For example,crossbows are only allowed for hunters with certain disabilities or those over the age of 60.

Bag Limits:Wisconsin has specific bag limits for deer,which vary by season and by the hunting unit.Hunters should check the regulations for their specific hunting area to ensure they're not exceeding the bag limit.

Tips for a Successful Bow Hunting Season in Wisconsin

Now that we've covered the regulations for bow hunting in Wisconsin let's look at some tips for a successful hunt:

Scouting:Before the season starts,spend some time scouting your hunting area.Look for deer sign such as tracks,rubs,and scrapes to find areas where deer are feeding or bedding down.

Practice Shooting:Bow hunting requires skill and precision.Practice shooting from different angles,distances,and positions to improve your accuracy.

Scent Control:Deer have a keen sense of smell,so it's important to control your scent when hunting.Use scent-free soap and shampoo,and avoid smoking or wearing cologne or perfume when hunting.

Use Decoys and Calls:Decoys and calls can be an effective way to lure deer into your hunting area.Experiment with different calls and decoys to find what works best in your hunting area.

Stay Patient:Bow hunting requires patience and persistence.Don't get discouraged if you don't see deer right away.Stay focused and alert,and the deer will come.


Bow hunting in Wisconsin is a popular and rewarding activity.Understanding the regulations and requirements for hunting in Wisconsin is essential for both the safety of the hunter and the preservation of the state.