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What Hunting Season Is It In Iowa

Iowa is a state located in the Midwest region of the United States.The state has a rich history of hunting,with a variety of game species available for hunters to pursue.From deer and turkey to pheasant and quail,Iowa has something to offer for hunters of all interests and skill levels.

We will explore the different hunting seasons in Iowa,the species available to hunt,and the regulations that govern hunting in the state.

Overview of Iowa Hunting Seasons

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources(DNR)is responsible for managing the state's wildlife and setting hunting regulations.The department divides the state into six different hunting zones,each with its own set of hunting regulations.

The following are the major hunting seasons in Iowa:

Deer Hunting Season:Iowa has two separate deer hunting seasons-the archery season and the shotgun season.The archery season typically runs from October through December,while the shotgun season runs for a week in early December.

Turkey Hunting Season:Iowa has both a spring and fall turkey hunting season.The spring season typically runs from mid-April to mid-May,while the fall season runs for a shorter period in October.

Pheasant Hunting Season:Pheasant hunting in Iowa typically runs from late October through January.Hunters must possess a valid small game license and pay a separate fee for a pheasant hunting permit.

Quail Hunting Season:Quail hunting season in Iowa typically runs from mid-October through January.Like pheasant hunting,hunters must possess a valid small game license and pay a separate fee for a quail hunting permit.

Waterfowl Hunting Season:Iowa has separate seasons for different species of waterfowl,including ducks,geese,and coots.The season typically runs from late September through early January.

Regulations and Requirements for Hunting in Iowa

To hunt in Iowa,hunters must obtain a valid hunting license and follow the state's hunting regulations.The following are some of the regulations and requirements for hunting in Iowa:

Hunting License:To hunt in Iowa,hunters must obtain a valid hunting license.The state offers several different types of licenses,including a resident hunting license,a non-resident hunting license,and a youth hunting license.

Hunter Education:Hunters born after January 1,1972,must complete a hunter education course before obtaining a hunting license.

Hunter Orange:During the shotgun deer hunting season,all hunters and anyone accompanying them must wear at least 50 percent hunter orange clothing.

Bag Limits:Iowa has bag limits for most game species,which limit the number of animals that hunters can harvest during a hunting season.

Hunting Hours:Hunting is only allowed during daylight hours,which are defined as 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset.

Hunting Ethics:Hunters in Iowa are expected to follow ethical hunting practices,which include respecting other hunters,respecting the animals being hunted,and obeying all hunting regulations.


Iowa is a great place to hunt,with a variety of game species available and a strong commitment to conservation and sustainable hunting practices.Whether you're a seasoned hunter or just getting started,Iowa offers ample opportunities to pursue your passion.

Before heading out on your next hunting trip,be sure to familiarize yourself with Iowa's hunting regulations and requirements.By following these regulations and practicing ethical hunting,you can help ensure that Iowa's wildlife populations remain healthy and sustainable for generations to come.