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How To Find Who Owns A Property

Knowing who owns a property can be useful for various reasons,whether you're interested in purchasing a property,conducting research,or addressing specific concerns.Finding the owner of a property may seem like a daunting task,but with the right resources and methods,it can be accomplished.In this comprehensive guide,we will explore different strategies,tools,and resources that can help you find the owner of a property.

County Assessor's Office

The county assessor's office is an excellent starting point for finding property ownership information.Visit the official website of the county where the property is located and search for their assessor's office or property records section.Many county assessor's offices have online databases where you can search for property information using the property address.The records usually include the owner's name,mailing address,and assessment details.

County Recorder's Office

The county recorder's office maintains official records,including property deeds and ownership transfers.Visit the website or visit the physical office of the county recorder where the property is located.Inquire about their property records and search their database using the property address.Look for documents such as deeds,which provide information about the property owner.

Online Property Search Websites

Numerous online property search websites aggregate public property data and provide access to ownership information.Websites like Zillow,Trulia,or Realtor.com allow you to search for properties by address.They often provide ownership details,including the owner's name,contact information,and sometimes even property history.These websites are particularly useful for residential properties.

Public Records Databases

Public records databases offer access to a wide range of information,including property ownership records.Websites like PublicRecordsNow,SearchSystems,or FamilySearch provide search functionality for public records.Enter the property address or owner's name in the search field,and if available,the database will display ownership information,including the owner's name and address.

Local Tax Assessor's Office

Contact the local tax assessor's office or visit their website to inquire about property ownership information.While some offices may not disclose owner information over the phone,they may provide it in person or through their website.Ask if they have a property search tool or if they can assist you in finding the owner's name and contact details based on the property address.

Online Mapping Tools and Satellite Imagery

Online mapping tools like Google Maps or Bing Maps offer satellite imagery and street view features that can help you gather information about a property.Use the address search function to locate the property and explore the surrounding area.You may be able to view the property and neighboring properties,which could provide visual cues about ownership,such as signage or contact information.

Door-to-Door Inquiries

If you're comfortable with personal interactions,consider visiting the property or speaking with neighbors.Knock on the doors of neighboring properties and politely inquire about the owner of the property in question.They may have information about the owner or provide contact details to assist you in reaching out.

Social Media and Internet Search

Performing an internet search or checking social media platforms can sometimes yield results.Search the property address or owner's name on search engines and social media platforms.The owner may have an online presence,such as a personal website,professional profile,or social media account,which could provide contact information.


Finding the owner of a property requires resourcefulness,research,and utilizing various tools and resources available to you.By exploring county assessor's offices,county recorder's offices,online property search websites,public records databases,local tax assessor's offices,online mapping tools,conducting door-to-door inquiries,and leveraging social media and internet search,you can gather the information you need to find the owner of a property.Remember to respect privacy and use the information responsibly,particularly when dealing with sensitive or legal matters.