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How To Find Out Who Owns A Property

Knowing who owns a property can be crucial for various reasons,such as conducting real estate transactions,resolving legal disputes,or performing due diligence.While property ownership information is considered public record,accessing it may require some effort and research.We will guide you through the process of finding out who owns a property,providing you with valuable resources and steps to help you uncover the ownership details you seek.

Understanding Public Records:

Property ownership information is typically recorded and maintained by government agencies at the local level.These records are considered public and are accessible to anyone who wishes to inquire about them.The specific office responsible for maintaining property records may vary depending on your jurisdiction,but it is often the county recorder's office or the assessor's office.

Researching Online Databases:

a.County Assessor's or Recorder's Website:

Many counties maintain online databases that allow you to search for property ownership information.Visit the website of the relevant county assessor's or recorder's office and look for a property search feature.This tool usually allows you to search by address,parcel number,or owner's name to find the property ownership details.

b.Online Real Estate Portals:

Several online platforms provide property information databases that can help you find out who owns a property.Websites like Zillow,Realtor.com,and Redfin allow users to search for property details,including ownership information.Enter the property address or location in the search bar,and you may find the owner's name or contact information,depending on the available data.

c.Public Records Websites:

Certain websites specialize in compiling and organizing public records data.Websites like PublicRecords.com,Intelius,or PeopleFinders offer access to property ownership records.They may require a fee or subscription to access detailed information,but they can be useful if you're having difficulty finding the information through other sources.

Visiting Local Government Offices:

If online searches do not yield the desired results or if you prefer an in-person approach,consider visiting the local government offices responsible for maintaining property records.County assessor's offices or recorder's offices typically have public terminals or dedicated personnel to assist with property searches.Provide the property address or parcel number,and they can help you retrieve the ownership information.

Contacting Title Companies:

Title companies specialize in conducting property title searches and providing title insurance.They have access to extensive databases and can assist you in finding property ownership information.Reach out to a local title company,explain your inquiry,and they may be able to provide you with the necessary details or guide you on how to obtain them.

Hiring a Professional Researcher:

If you encounter challenges or complexities in your search for property ownership information,hiring a professional researcher or a private investigator who specializes in property records can be a viable option.These professionals are well-versed in accessing public records and can efficiently gather the information you require.

Consult Legal Professionals:

In legal situations or complex cases,it may be advisable to consult with an attorney specializing in real estate law.They can guide you through the process of obtaining property ownership information,especially if it is related to a legal dispute or transaction.

Privacy Considerations:

It's important to note that not all property ownership information may be readily available,especially in cases where privacy concerns arise.Certain individuals or entities may request to keep their ownership details confidential.In such cases,you may need to consult legal professionals or obtain a court order to access the information.


Finding out who owns a property requires diligent research and accessing public records.Online databases,county assessor's or recorder's offices,real estate portals,and title companies are valuable resources for obtaining property ownership information.However However,privacy considerations and legal complexities may impact the availability of certain data.If you encounter difficulties,consulting professionals or legal experts can provide additional guidance.By following the steps outlined in this blog post,you can navigate the process and uncover the ownership details you seek.