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How Does The Full Moon Affect Deer Hunting

One factor that can impact deer hunting is the phase of the moon.We will explore how the full moon affects deer hunting and discuss some strategies that hunters can use to increase their chances of success.

Understanding the Phases of the Moon

The moon has four primary phases:new moon,first quarter,full moon,and last quarter.A full moon occurs when the moon is on the opposite side of the earth from the sun and is fully illuminated.The full moon is visible in the sky all night and is often brighter than other phases of the moon.This brightness can impact the behavior of deer and other wildlife.

How Full Moon Affects Deer Hunting

The full moon can impact deer hunting in a few ways.First,the brightness of the moon can make it easier for deer to see predators,including hunters.Deer may be more cautious and more likely to stay hidden during the full moon.Additionally,the brightness of the full moon can make it easier for hunters to see deer,but the opposite can also be true.If the moon is too bright,it can create shadows that make it difficult for hunters to see animals in the shadows.

Strategies for Hunting During a Full Moon

Hunting during a full moon requires a different strategy than hunting during other phases of the moon.Here are some strategies that can help hunters be successful during a full moon:

a.Hunt During the Day

One strategy is to hunt during the day when the moon is not as bright.Deer may be more active during the day,and hunters may have an easier time spotting them in daylight.

b.Use Natural Cover

Another strategy is to use natural cover to stay hidden from deer.During a full moon,deer may be more cautious and aware of their surroundings,so hunters need to be extra stealthy.Using natural cover like bushes and trees can help hunters blend in and avoid detection.

c.Hunt Near Feeding Areas

Deer are more likely to be active and visible during a full moon when they are feeding.Hunting near feeding areas like food plots,crops,and fruit trees can increase the chances of seeing deer during a full moon.

d.Be Patient

Hunting during a full moon requires patience.Deer may be more cautious and elusive during this time,so it may take longer to find them.Hunters should be prepared to spend more time in the field and wait for the right opportunity to take a shot.


In conclusion,the full moon can impact deer hunting,but it doesn't mean hunters can't be successful during this time.By understanding the behavior of deer during a full moon and using the right strategies,hunters can increase their chances of success.It's important to remember that hunting during a full moon requires patience and persistence,but the reward of a successful hunt can make it all worth it.