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When Is Hunting Season In Wisconsin

Hunting season is an exciting time for hunters in Wisconsin.Each year,thousands of hunters take to the woods and fields to pursue a variety of game species,including deer,bear,turkey,and waterfowl.We will cover when hunting season takes place in Wisconsin,the different types of game that can be hunted,and some tips for a successful hunting season.

When is hunting season in Wisconsin?

Hunting season in Wisconsin is divided into different seasons depending on the type of game you want to hunt.The seasons vary in length and the dates change from year to year,so it's important to check the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources(DNR)website for the most up-to-date information.Here are the dates for some of the most popular hunting seasons in Wisconsin:

a.Deer hunting:The archery season for deer typically runs from mid-September to mid-January,while the firearm season runs for nine days in November.There is also a muzzleloader season and a late-season antlerless-only hunt.

b.Bear hunting:The bear hunting season runs from early September to mid-October.Hunters can apply for a permit through a lottery system.

c.Turkey hunting:The spring turkey hunting season typically runs from mid-April to late May,while the fall season runs from early October to late November.

d.Waterfowl hunting:The waterfowl hunting season is split into several different segments,starting in early September and running through early December.

What can you hunt in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin offers a variety of game species that can be hunted during hunting season.Here are some of the most popular:

a.Deer:Wisconsin has a large population of white-tailed deer,and it is one of the most popular game species for hunters in the state.

b.Bear:Wisconsin has a healthy population of black bears,and hunting them can be a challenging and exciting experience.

c.Turkey:Wisconsin is home to both wild and domesticated turkeys,and they can be found in a variety of habitats throughout the state.

d.Waterfowl:Wisconsin offers a variety of waterfowl species for hunters,including ducks,geese,and swans.

Tips for a successful hunting season

a.Plan ahead:Make sure to familiarize yourself with the hunting regulations and season dates,and secure any necessary permits or licenses well in advance.

b.Scout your hunting area:Spend some time scouting the area where you plan to hunt,and look for signs of game activity.

c.Practice shooting:It's important to practice shooting before the hunting season begins.This will help you become familiar with your firearm and improve your accuracy.

d.Use scent control:Scent control is important when hunting,as animals have a keen sense of smell.Use scent-free soap and laundry detergent,and store your hunting clothes in a scent-free container.

e.Be patient:Hunting can be a waiting game,so be prepared to spend some time in the field.Don't get discouraged if you don't have success right away.

f.Follow safety guidelines:Always follow safety guidelines when hunting.This includes wearing blaze orange clothing,being aware of your surroundings,and never pointing your firearm at anyone.


Hunting season in Wisconsin is an exciting time for hunters,with a variety of game species and seasons to choose from.By following these tips and staying up-to-date on hunting regulations and season dates,you can increase your chances of a successful hunting season.Remember to always hunt safely and ethically,and to respect the environment and the animals you are pursuing.