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When Is Opening Day For Gun Hunting In Wisconsin

If you're a hunter in Wisconsin,you're likely eagerly anticipating the start of gun hunting season.The opening day for gun hunting varies each year,so it's important to stay informed on the latest dates and regulations.We'll explore the opening day for gun hunting in Wisconsin,including the different seasons,regulations,and tips for preparing for the hunt.

Wisconsin Gun Hunting Seasons

In Wisconsin,gun hunting season is broken down into four different seasons:the October antlerless-only hunt,the November gun deer hunt,the December antlerless-only hunt,and the Holiday Hunt.Each season has its own regulations and dates,so it's important to check the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources(DNR)website for the latest information.

The October antlerless-only hunt takes place in designated units and runs for a short period of time,usually four days.The November gun deer hunt is the most popular and well-known season,and typically runs for nine days.The December antlerless-only hunt is another short season,usually lasting four days,and the Holiday Hunt takes place in late December and early January.

Opening Day for Gun Hunting

The opening day for gun hunting varies each year,but typically falls on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.For example,in 2021,the opening day for gun hunting is November 20th.It's important to note that different seasons may have different opening days,so it's important to check the DNR website for the latest information.


As with any hunting season,there are regulations and requirements that hunters must follow.In Wisconsin,hunters must have a valid hunting license,deer hunting license,and deer harvest authorization to hunt deer.Additionally,hunters must follow specific rules on the type of firearm they can use,the time of day they can hunt,and the type of deer they can harvest.

For the November gun deer hunt,hunters are allowed to use rifles,shotguns,and handguns that meet specific caliber and cartridge requirements.Hunting is allowed from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset,and hunters are required to wear blaze orange clothing for safety.During this season,hunters are allowed to harvest both bucks and antlerless deer,but there are specific regulations on the number of deer that can be harvested.

Preparing for Gun Hunting Season

If you're planning on hunting during gun hunting season in Wisconsin,it's important to prepare well in advance.This includes obtaining all necessary licenses and authorizations,as well as purchasing any necessary equipment,such as a firearm,ammunition,and hunting gear.

It's also important to prepare physically and mentally for the hunt.This may include practicing shooting at a range,scouting the hunting area,and familiarizing yourself with the local wildlife and terrain.Additionally,it's important to understand and follow all applicable regulations and safety guidelines to ensure a safe and successful hunt.

Tips for a Successful Hunt

To increase your chances of a successful hunt during gun hunting season in Wisconsin,there are a few tips you can follow.These include:

  • Scouting the area beforehand to identify potential hunting spots and the habits of local wildlife
  • Being patient and waiting for the right moment to take a shot
  • Being aware of wind direction and scent control to avoid spooking deer
  • Using proper shooting techniques and aiming for vital organs for a quick and humane kill
  • Being prepared for inclement weather and changing conditions

By following these tips and preparing thoroughly for gun hunting season,you can increase your chances of a successful hunt and a memorable experience in the Wisconsin outdoors.

In conclusion,the opening day for gun hunting in Wisconsin is a highly anticipated event for many hunters.By staying informed on the different seasons and regulations,preparing thoroughly,and following all applicable laws and safety guidelines,hunters can enjoy a safe and successful hunt in the Wisconsin wilderness.It's important to remember that hunting is not only a sport or hobby,but also a responsibility.Hunters must respect the animals they hunt,the environment they hunt in,and the laws and regulations that govern hunting activities.

If you're new to hunting or unfamiliar with Wisconsin's hunting seasons and regulations,the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website is a great resource for information and guidance.Additionally,reaching out to experienced hunters in your community or joining a hunting club can provide valuable insights and support as you prepare for the upcoming hunting season.

Overall,gun hunting season in Wisconsin is an exciting time for hunters and an opportunity to connect with nature,test their skills,and experience the thrill of the hunt.By following best practices and staying informed,hunters can ensure a safe and successful hunting experience in the beautiful Wisconsin wilderness.