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How to Immigrate to Spain?

Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe, next to Portugal. This beautiful tourism kingdom never disappoints people, with a variety of natural and cultural landscapes. Since the European debt crisis, Spain has also introduced golden visas, allowing foreigners to obtain residence permits or citizenship through investment and property ownership. With excellent medical condition, livable living environment, huge investment potential and other advantages, Spain came from behind, ranking first in the number of issued golden visas among 13 European countries that have introduced golden visas. In 2018 , Spain received a total of 2,306 golden visa applications, an increase of 11% , second only to the most popular US EB-5 investment immigration. However , since 2019 , the European Parliament has been calling for abolition of the golden visa. To catch the last train of Spanish immigration, seizing the opportunity is the only way.

Why do so many people want to immigrate to Spain

  1. Comfortableliving environment . Most of Spain has a Mediterranean climate, with pleasant four seasons and beautiful scenery. There are more than 300 days of sunshine throughout the year , and the temperature is between 5 ℃ -26 ℃. This is a land full of enthusiasm and vitality. The enthusiastic flamenco dances, romantic guitar ballads, and thrilling bullfighting performances are all applauded. At the same time, prices in Spain are lower than the average in Western European countries, and the cost of living is low.
  2. Leading medical services . Spain is a country with a high social welfare system.Its comprehensive medical level has entered the top ten in the world. Its medical security system is very advanced, and all people are entitled to corresponding social medical insurance and medical services. Immigrants can apply for a medical card as long as they pay local social security and go to public hospitals for free medical treatment. Even unemployed spouses and children can enjoy this benefit.
  3. Developed commercial trade . Spain is a traditionally developed European country and the fourth largest economy in the Eurozone , with GDP ranking 13th in the world. As a well-known commodity kingdom and tourist paradise in Europe, Spain's free entrepreneurial environment and attractive tax policies have attracted many multinational companies to settle in, and there are more than 3 million registered companies nationwide .
  4. Amazing passport strength. In the latest passport rankings in 2019 , the Spanish passport ranks fifth in the world , with 186 visa-free countries. With the Spanish residency status , you can travel to 26 Schengen countries, and you can also live and work in any EU country without time limit. Access to mainstream developed countries such as the United States and Canada no problem.


How to immigrate to Spain

Immigration for Property Owners


  1. 1.non-EU citizensabove 18 years old;


  1. No criminal record;
  2. Proof of sufficient financial capacity;
  3. If you are healthy, purchase health insurance;
  4. Legally own real estate worth more than 500,000 Euros in Spain, including residential houses, commercial land, wineries, farms.It can be one or more sets with a total price of 500,000 Euros, or buy a set together , an average of 500,000 euros per family .



  1. Apply for a Spanish business visa and go to Spain to inspect real estate;
  2. Pay deposit, signlawyer's authorization letter, and sign the house purchase information confirmation form;
  3. Notarized authorization letter;
  4. After returning home, transfer the money to the supervision account of a Spanish law firm;
  5. Obtain real estate title deed, real estate registration certificate and tax certificate;
  6. Apply for a D visa, land in Spain to collect biological information, and obtain a residence card;
  7. The Spanish residence card can be renewed continuously, and the renewal mode is D+2+5 ;
  8. 8.Residein Spain for at least 4 years and 2 months within 5 years, and stay in Spain for no less than 183 days per year. You can apply for permanent residency in Spain (while obtain EU permanent residency);
  9. 9. Residein Spain for no less than 8 years and 4 months within 10 years, and no less than 183 days per year, and youcan obtain Spanish citizenship after passing citizenship test.


  1. One person applies, the whole family immigrates (spouse, children under 18 years of age or unmarried, financially independent children over 18 years of age, financially independent parents of the principal applicant)
  2. The real estate market in Europe and Spain is picking up, providing an excellent investment window period;
  3. The Spanish real estate market is stable, and the price of high-quality real estate continues to grow steadily;
  4. Freehold property rights of investment real estate, with high market demand, which can be rented out according to law or after permanent residence;
  5. Spanish house-buying immigrants can enter the country once every six months, immigrants do not move, and both domestic and foreign life and work are correct;
  6. Obtain Spanish residency status and enjoy free public education and medical benefits in Spain;
  7. No need to explain the source of assets, no additional risk investment requirements;
  8. The operation process is simple and quick, and the residence card can be obtained in 2 to 4 months;
  9. Hold a Spanish residence card to travel freely in 26 European Schengen countries.

Non-lucrative residency

Although many applicants have the intention of immigrating to Spain, due to funding problems, many people are still on the sidelines. At this time, consider the Spanish non-profit residency program. This project does not require you to buy a house or invest in Spain, only a fixed residence and a certain amount of non-salary income and bank deposits.



  1. 1.non-EU citizens above the age of18;
  2. Own a fixed residence in Spain (purchase or lease);
  3. No criminal record;
  4. Certificate of physical examination and purchase of Spanish medical insurance;
  5. 5.every year there are 4 more million euros in non-wage income;
  6. Maintain a current balance of 800,000 to 1 million yuan in domestic bank accounts ;
  7. 7.at least 5 million eurosin the Spain bank account .



  1. The lawyer evaluates and signs the agreement;
  2. Pay the initial service fee;
  3. Handle lawyer's entrustment and NIE ;
  4. Open a Spanish bank account;
  5. Submit visa application;
  6. Obtain a residence visa;
  7. Make an appointment for residence application;
  8. Fingerprint & pick up the card, visa for category D countries: get a visa valid for 90-365 days;
  9. Initial short-term residence card: valid for 1 year, with 183 days of residence within 1 year.
  10. 10. Renewal of short-term residence card: valid for 2 years, with 183 days of residence per year within 2 years, and renew the 2-year card after 2 years.
  11. 1 Spanish permanent residence: renew every 5 years, leaving the country for no more than 6 consecutive months and accumulating no more than 10 months.
  12. 12. Residence in Spain for not less than 8 years and 4 months cumulatively within 10 years, and not less than 183 days per year. You can obtain Spanish citizenshipafter passing the citizenship test.



  1. No language and academic requirements;
  2. If one person applies, the whole family will obtain the identity (spouse and children under 18 );
  3. Low application threshold, no need to explain business background and source of funds;
  4. The procedures are simple, and the entire processonlytakes 3 to 6 months;
  5. For a fixed residence, houses can be purchased or leased;
  6. Free to travel to and from European Schengen countries, and children can enjoy free education in Spain.3

Unlike the property owners, non-lucrative residents cannot work in Spain, but you can choose to start a business in Spain and own your own shop or company. This immigration method is loved by many applicants. At present, many investors have obtained Spanish non-profit residency status through this project.