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1.32 Acres Homesites in Saint Johns County

24,999 USD
10415 Kirchherr Avenue , Hastings, FL 32145 (Saint Johns County)
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Land ID: 91463 Update time: 2022-11-16 15:53:43
Trading years: permanent Size: 1.32ac
Transaction type: for sell

Words from Seller

This oversized lot in Flagler Estates located at 10415 Kirchherr Avenue is on a nice, perfectly paved road and is one lot in from Cedar Ford. Drive home and back without getting a dirty, dusty car or truck from dirt roads!

This lot is HIGH AND DRY! No wetlands and NOT in a flood zone! Many lots in Flagler Estates flood. This one DOES NOT. Flood/Wetlands Map available.

There are nice homes on this street and nearby. No problem or unsightly neighbors!

This property is priced WELL BELOW similar, smaller properties currently on the market! See the screen shot from Zillow in photos!

Escape the madness of the city and have plenty of room to breathe on this unusually large (1.32 acre) Flagler Estates property. The typical lot size in Flagler Estates is 1.14 acres and some are less than an acre, so this lot provides more space.

Bring your mobile home (or build a home)


Transportation & Other Facilities

Highway: <30mins
Port: >60mins
High-speed railway:>60mins
Provincial/Interstate highway: 30-60mins
National highway:30-60mins
County road: 30-60mins
Township road:30-60mins
Village road/Self-built road: <30mins
Water supply: well
Heat supply: no
Energy:bottled gas
Communications: connectable
TV system:disconnected
Internet system: disconnected
Sewage:septic tank
Greening: class II
Parking:basically complete
Education: to be improved
Medical treatment:to be improved
Sanitation: to be improved
Entertainment:basically complete
Food: to be improved
Attractions within 5 km:
Area of tenure(ac,sqm,ha):
Exclusive use area(ac,sqm,ha):
Apportioned area(ac,sqm,ha):
Building type:
Building area(ac,sqm,ha):
Building density:
Plot ratio:
Green area ratio:
Limited height:
Nearby industrial clusters:
Comfort index:
Noise index:
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