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Farm Liquidation in the Catskills-26293

49900 USD
Cochecton, NY 12726
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Land ID: 75556 Update time: 2020-12-18 19:09:14
Trading years: permanent Size: 5ac
Transaction type: for sell

Words from Seller

Looking to get away from the city but dont have time to drive 3 or more hours? This beautiful wooded parcel is less than 2 hours from the George Washington Bridge and is located in the Catskill Mountains just east of the Delaware River! Situated on a quiet country road with utilities, this lot has over 1,600 feet of road frontage. Youll also get a new filed survey, soil test results, clear title and if needed, OWNER FINANCING! Bethel Woods Performing Arts Center (the site of the original Woodstock Festival) is located just 6 miles away as is Lake Superior State Park for boating, swimming and fishing. Lonely Planet named the Catskills as the Worlds Second Best Region to Visit in 2019! This 5 acres is just one of 17 parcels collectively known as Pine Meadows Farm. This beautiful farm has not been worked in decades, but there remain lovely groomed meadows, beautiful hard and soft wood...


Land Parameter

Altitude: >5000m
Landform: Yadan landform
Land shape:small and irregular
Mechanized operation: partly support
Land flatness:flat
Drainage: no floods
Topsoil texture:sand
Fertility: medium
Thickness of effective soil:<30㎝
Salinization: serious
Acidity or alkalinity: PH<7
Organic matter:>40 g kg-1
Depth from barrier: 30-60㎝
Vegetation coverage:50%~75%
Depth to groundwater:
Climate type:Alpine Climate
Sunshine duration h/Yr: 2200-3000
Sunshine:lack in mornings and evenings
Annual average temperature: 0-10℃
Frost-free period/Days:200-250
Precipitation: 750-1500

Transportation & Other Facilities

Road conditions:mountain road
Airport: >60mins
Railway: >60mins
High-speed railway: >60mins
Provincial/Interstate highway:<30mins
National highway: 30-60mins
County road:<30mins
Township road:
Village road/Self-built road:<30mins
Buses: no
Water supply: no
Heat supply: no
Communications: disconnected
TV system:disconnected
Internet system: disconnected
Education: no
Medical treatment:no
Entertainment:to be improved
Food: basically complete
others:livestock shed
Surrounding water system: no
Surrounding mountains:foothills
Attractions within 5 km: yes
Nearby industrial clusters:plantation
Comfort index: ±1
Noise index:20db-40db
API: 101-150(unhealthy for sensitive groups)
WQI:Class II(potable water&first level protection area)

Other operating conditions

Total population:
Long-term residents:
Urban population:
Rural population:
Gross output value:
Farmers' average income source:
Labor resource:lack
Main source of income:
Tax incentives:no
Minimum purchase price policy: unknown
Agricultural subsidies:no
Animal husbandry subsidies: unknown
Subsidized loan:unknown
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