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Corner Vacant Lot New Manila

1,701,020.19 USD
Corner Vacant Lot New Manila
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Land ID: 74638 Update time: 2020-12-15 16:40:27
Trading years: permanent Size: 0.11ac
Transaction type: for sell

Words from Seller

Located in one of the most private and quiet areas of New Manila, this corner property is perfect for those seeking security and silence. The surrounding streets are well guarded, with the street gates closed at night and a guard posted right outside the property. This exclusive, high profile neighborhood is not only the ideal spot for residential living, but it is also conveniently located near popular commercial areas such as malls, churches, schools and restaurants, some being only a 10 minute walk away.


Transportation & Other Facilities

Highway: 30-60mins
Port: 30-60mins
High-speed railway:<30mins
Provincial/Interstate highway: <30mins
National highway:<30mins
County road: <30mins
Township road:<30mins
Village road/Self-built road: <30mins
Water supply: tap water
Heat supply: no
Energy:bottled gas
Communications: connected
TV system:connected
Internet system: connected
Sewage:septic tank
Greening: class I
Parking:basically complete
Education: basically complete
Medical treatment:basically complete
Sanitation: basically complete
Entertainment:basically complete
Food: basically complete
Attractions within 5 km:yes
Area of tenure(ac,sqm,ha):
Exclusive use area(ac,sqm,ha):
Apportioned area(ac,sqm,ha):
Building type:
Building area(ac,sqm,ha):
Building density:
Plot ratio:
Green area ratio:
Limited height: others
Nearby industrial clusters:others
Comfort index: ±2
Noise index:40db-60db
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